Tribute to Late Dr Angha Ezikpe from Nigerian Medical Association, Abia State Chapter

On the occasion of the commendation service by Abia State Government on 1st February 2022

 Introduction: My name is Dr Chimezie Godswill Okwuonu, Chairman Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Abia State Chapter. I recognize the presence of the State Governor, members of State Executive Council, Members of State Officers Committee and State Executive members of NMA. May I stand on other existing protocol.

I bring greetings from Prof IAO Ujah mni, President of NMA who is on his way to Abia State to participate in the final respect to his dear friend & brother, late Dr Ezikpe

The reason why we are here is to pay our last respect to a man who distinguished himself in life. A medical Practitioner per excellence, a medical elder, an honoured member of NMA Abia State and past Second Vice President of NMA.

As a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and West African College of Medicine, he practiced medicine with dignity and opened the eyes of his contemporaries in the tremendous opportunities that abound in the Medical Practice

He founded Aloma Specialist Hospital which grew steadily till it was able to offer housemanship placement and training for resident Doctors.

Some other of his key achievement in medical practice include

1. He ensured that Abia State University has the highest quota for admission of medical students in Southeast Nigeria, comparable only to UNTH 

2. Through his diligent approach in encouraging training in institutions, Abia state, which had 3 consultants in 1988, have 154 consultants offering specialist services in different fields of life.

3. He also ensured that Abia which had no training centre for specialist Doctors in the 80s and 90s, today there are 2 such centres

4. He fought hard for the establishment of the Abia State University Teaching hospital when Col Anthony Obi was Military administrator of Abia and saw to its establishment and became the first board chairman of ABSUTH

Political life: He played politics without bitterness and rancour. Politics of principles and equity and have always stood for the truth. I recall personal experiences and time we spent together where he told me of his passion to see for a better society where everyone is given his rights and where the citizens are responsible to the government.

Nigerian Medical Association will miss him for his stand for professionalism, improvement of the health institutions and welfare of Doctors. As a key member of the Board of Trustees in NMA, his role in developing medical practice in southeast is attested by the number of accredited centres for medical training in Southeast Nigeria. 

He does not relent in telling the story of the post civil war era, his political adventures, medical practice in Aloma Hospital, accreditation of medical schools in the east which he saw through and the charter of equity which he believes so much in. 

Here lies a man who in life does not believe in cheating, double standard, animosity and impatience. 

He had multiple illness by the time i was introduced to him. He was very careful to care for himself and even at been a medical doctor, he never went outside the prescription of 3 of uswho managed him. Among the three of us, including Prof AU Mbanaso, Dr OJ Ukpabi and i. it is with a feeling of loss but thanks to God that i am the only on living. Living to tell this story from my side, living to tell the state to strive in sustaining the medical institutions established by Ezikpe to die, living to tell my medical colleague to understand that decisions that affect their practice and lives are taken, not in the clinics or ward rounds, but in the horizon of secular politics which Dr Ezikpe participated in. Living to continue in the fight for a better Medical Practice with strong abidance to core ethical principles and dignity and a better Abia of our  dream.

May his soul rest in peace


Dr Chimezie Godswill Okwuonu

Chairman NMA Abia State 

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